I’m So Sorry

I am so sorry I have been sick for a few days sorry for not uploading I slept most of yesterday so sorry for not posting yesterday (Monday) and wasn’t feeling good. Tomorrow I will be posting on a game I’ve been addicted to since Thanksgiving so come back tomorrow to see what game I’m talking about.



First off the title means Ultimate Black Friday Fighting Championship which is a rip off of Black Friday mixed with UFC. Why did I say that? I said this because well it seems Black Friday every year seems to be a fight between everyone to get the latest newest iPhone, the newest gaming console or even the newest TV an etc. I always find this funny, a few days ago I joked about it saying I can’t wait to see how many wrecks happen on Friday.

What was your favorite thing you bought today or yesterday or what ever day Black Friday was for you anyways what was your favorite thing you bought on Black Friday if you went shopping share in the comments.


Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Here’s a question I bet everyone reading this has heard, ready? What are you thankful for? WOW did I shock you?

Here I assume are what I’m thankful for:

  • U.S. Army/SEALs/Military/Air Force
  • My mom and dad
  • Akron Children’s Hospital
  • YouTube
  • Gaming
  • The Internet
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dr Pepper
  • And lastly MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU GUYS, GIRLS and everything in between

Please post what your thankful for down in the comments below!


Women In The Military

This post is a serious one. This is about how women in the service are treated. First I want everyone to watch this video:

“My Story” by Robin Temple

Now that you’ve watched the video it makes you question our government (if you’re in the United States). I have for the last year and a half I have been anti-government publicly but I’ve always been questioning everything that includes government, religion, public opinion and anything else. This video just boosts my dislike for the government. I like our idea of government but I don’t like the government since Kennedy so that means I’ve disliked the government my life ever since I have been political.

Back on topic, so Robin listed a lot of big points:

  • She got raped and was abducted
  • She was nearly killed by a government recommended docter
  • Denied government help and support

First she talked about how her higher up scheduled her with him to protect a vault then, he ended up rapping her but it didn’t stop there she was locked up for apparently making up a rape case and was locked away for 155 days and her family had no Idea where she was. After her mom calling the government and if I remember correctly a court case she was “Honorably” Relieved from her duties. After this she needed surgery on something and was nearly killed by the doctor and this doctor had a record of not doing surgery correctly or completely and nearly died. After multiple surgery she ended up losing her house and car. Yet no help has or probably will be given to her so if you haven’t already please share this, wait no please share that video with anyone you know and either donate to her or sign the petition. Sadly I can’t do either because I don’t have the money or I’m not 18 yet so I can’t sign the petition so instead I’m writing this article about it and getting traffic to help her this way hopefully.


P.S. Robin Temple If you happen to read this, I wish you the best of luck.

50th Anniversary of The JFK Assassination

Today is a sad day, it is the 50th anniversary of our 35th president of the United States. The official story of the assassination is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was fatally shot by a sniper while traveling with his wife Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connolly, and Connolly’s wife Nellie, in a presidential motorcade. A ten-month investigation in 1963–64 by the Warren Commission concluded that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, and that Jack Rubyalso acted alone when he killed Oswald before he could stand trial.

Console VS. PC Gaming

Alright, consoles vs pc’s one of the biggest debates of the 21st century that gamers fight over. I will talk about both and my history on both.

Console gaming which is gaming on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  I remember being 6 years old I think and getting my first console which was the Nintendo GameCube  and the Spider-Man game that came out around 2005. I still remember the first time I touched the controller and how big it was in my tiny hands and trying to figure out how to play the Spider-Man game. Then, in 2009 I got a PlayStation 2 and two other games named: James Bond 007: From Russia With Love and Star Wars: Battle Front II for Christmas. I played those two games until I had to go to my great-grandma’s house for lunch so I probably spent 2 straight hours playing it my first time playing it. Also on the same day I got my first hand-held console the Game Boy Advanced and three game, I forgot the fourth one, which were Pokemon: Fire Red, Pokemon: Leaf Green, and lastly Pokemon: Ruby. I have made a post on my Game Boy Advanced and the Pokemon games. In 2010 I bought my first hand-held console, the Nintendo DS which I bought for roughly $175. I saved up my money to buy the DS and when I bought it I didn’t have enough money to buy a game but, I didn’t care though. So then the Christmas of 2012 I got a Xbox 360 at my moms house. I already had an Xbox 360 at my dad’s house but not my mom’s house. With the Xbox 360 I got Black Ops II and WWE ’13. So this is my history of console gaming I didn’t explain every little detail but this is the just of it though.       

007  Star Wars Battle Front II CoD Black Ops 2 WWE 13       

PC gaming playing games like Minecraft, Sims, Team Fortress 2  and internet games are always fun to play. I have a short history with PC gaming but I seem to like it a little more than console gaming because the connection is better and on some multiplayer games you get dedicated servers which boosts the connection between players. My favorite games on PC are: Minecraft, Sims: Life Stories, Team Fortress 2, TerrariaCombat Arms 2, and many more games I can’t remember. So yeah this is my very short history with PC gaming.

How about you post your opinion down in the comments below.